Daycare Techs

Our Daycare Tech are a vital part of our daycare. They keep our daycare rooms clean and safe giving our clients’ dogs the best daycare experience in the Capital District!

In her work with All Dawgs as a Daycare Technician, Ailynn assists the daycare instructors with a variety of duties related to dog care every morning.  Previously, Ailynn worked at Hernas Veterinary Clinic as a veterinary technician and was responsible for keeping the kennels clean and feeding dogs throughout the day, in addition to assisting the veterinary technicians as needed.  Ailynn loves dogs and is interested in expanding her knowledge of many breeds while working with All Dawgs.  Ailynn has three dogs, a German Shepherd named Xena, a Terrier mix named Koto and a Labrador Dachshund mix named Blossom.  In her spare time, Ailynn enjoys taking long walks with her dogs.





Ailynn Carney




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