Real World Obedience

Train your dog for life in the real world!


student walking thier dog in a storeSo you’ve taken Beginner Obedience, and your dog still isn’t perfect – well, what do you do next? Take All Dawgs’ Real World Obedience class this summer, that’s what. Just like people, dogs need to keep learning and growing throughout their lives to be happy and healthy. Plus, a dog you can comfortably take around town, to dog festivals, and for off-leash hikes will make both of you happier and healthier!

Class Covers:

  • The fundamental skills learned in Apprentice Dawgs (including sit, down, come when called, drop it, and loose leash walking) – improved upon and taken to the next level
  • Training done in various outdoor settings during our April to September sessions to give you experience handling your dog in the real world
  • Your dog’s specific issues – and with small classes, you’ll both get plenty of personalized attention from your instructor

Class Info:

  • Who: Dogs who have be in an All Dawgs service (group classes, private lessons, Boarding School, daycare or pet sitting) in the last six months
  • Where: Locations throughout the Capital District (a list of locations is sent before the start of class)
  • When:  Sunday,  September 10, 2023 at 10:00 AM 


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Students with dogs at a parkStudents working with their dogs in a busy park area.

student working with dog in a plazaStudent working with dog in a plaza.