Therapy Dawg Prep

Train your dog for therapy dog certification!


dog socializing to crutches in therapy dog prep classTherapy dogs are dogs who provide emotional benefits for the public, primarily at schools, libraries, nursing homes and hospitals.  Therapy dogs are specially trained  to help the people they serve in the community in a variety of ways.  A rigorous training regimen as well as special certification are necessary to prepare a dog to become a therapy dog.  Therapy dogs also differ from service dogs because they do actual volunteer work in the community, whereas service dogs help their handlers with specific tasks so that they can live more independent lives.

Do you think YOUR dog would be a good therapy dog?

at All Dawgs, we will help you determine if your dog has the temperament and capacity to  become a therapy dog, and we will provide all the  training and certification he or she will need.  Our three-phase program focuses on  preparing your dog for training, testing and visiting to  ensure that he or she will gain the skills and experience needed to certify when the time comes.

Why choose the All Dawgs Therapy Dawg Prep class?

  • Diane Blackman, the owner of All Dawgs, has been conducting Therapy Dog visits since 2004 and has logged over 400 visits with her dogs.
  • Diane has been a Therapy Dog evaluator since 2005
  • All Dawgs has evaluated and certified over 1,000 Therapy Dogs in the Capital Region

Pet therapists are in great demand, and there is a serious shortage of therapy dogs.  Our dogs visit children in pediatrics. Most of the children have never  been away from home before.  They are        frightened, fearful at the prospect of having to spend the night in a big scary hospital.  Sometimes the children are severely handicapped. When they visit, the dogs seem to spark a reaction no one has ever seen before. Children in hospitals hold therapy dogs while being infused  with chemotherapy.  Libraries and schools are discovering how reading out loud to a dog can  relieve shyness and reduce inhibitions.  We visit lonely seniors in nursing and assisted living homes. The dogs and handlers provide a welcome  change in their routine and often form lasting friendships with the  patients.  They bring back pleasant memories of family pets in days gone by.  When we visit rehabilitation facilities and hospitals, the patients are able to ease the boredom of institutional life or the pain of recent surgery by visits from a friendly face with a wagging tail.  Sometimes a depressed patient who hasn’t spoken in months will have a conversation with a dog. Difficult patients can become more compliant with a furry face to convince them to take that pill. ” Excerpted from  “The Bright and Beautiful” Therapy Dogs.

  • Plenty of individual instruction from your All Dawgs trainer, with a maximum of 10 dogs in each class.

Class Covers:

  • All the skills your dog needs to pass the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dog Inc. and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification tests(please click the link to read about what the  Canine Good Citizen certification covers and watch some helpful videos.)
  • Proper visiting etiquette for hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and other places where therapy dogs are needed.
  • Plenty of individual instruction from your trainer, with a maximum of 10 dogs in each class

Class Info:

  • Who: Dogs who have completed All Dawgs’ Master Dawgs class or have demonstrated proficiency in our Advanced Class Assessment or already has their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification (paperwork of certification is required)
  • Where: All Dawgs, 30 Railroad Ave, Albany, NY
  • When: Next classes starts
    • Thursday,  July 29th at 8:15 PM

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