Giant Dog Daycare

Do you have a giant who loves to play but is misunderstood because of his size? Welcome to the All Dawg Giant Dawg Daycare Experience!

Just like humans, dogs are social beings. They love human interaction, socialization with other dogs – and giant dogs have a GIANT need for lots of exercise to keep them fit and keep them from being restless and bored. No matter their size, spending the day with humans and other dogs is very important for their happiness and well-being. Visiting their friends in daycare each week is a great way to keep them happy and stimulated.

At All Dawgs, we understand that big dogs require  special attention and have special needs. All Dawgs Giant Dawg Daycare is here to provide a safe, fun. clean environment for your dog to get the social interaction, exercise and daily play he or she needs – all with other dogs who are size – comparable. Dogs over 80 pounds play in our Giant Dawg Daycare (available Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Our Giant Dawg Daycare Includes:

  • A safe, comfy indoor environment and enclosed outdoor potty area that strengthens good housetraining.  Studies show that dogs who are not given quiet time in a crate are at higher risk for altercations when they become overly tired so dogs get plenty of play time as well as crate rest during their day.
  • Access to a wading pool, with owner’s permission, during warm weather.
  • Good manners training that includes waiting patiently at the door, greeting without jumping, and getting along well with other dogs
  • Maximum ratio dog-to-instructor of 10:1 – the LOWEST in the Capital District!
  • Minimum weekly commitment required, allowing dogs to make friends and play with the same packmates each week. Invoices are sent in four-week increments to ensure pack safety and stability.

For more information on our Giant Dawg Daycare, please call us at (518) 831 – 9192 or enroll below


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