Off-Leash Obedience Training


Do you want your dog to be truly free off leash? We can help you with your dog’s obedience, as well as unwanted behaviors. You can:

  • Effective listening to your commands, on the first command such as:
    • Giving your dog a rock-solid sit, down and/or stand stay – even with distractions!
    • Remain on your bed
    • Loose-leash walking
    • Increase your dogs commands at a distance
  • Managing unwanted behaviors including:
    • Managing digging
    • Managing marking
    • Managing poop eating
    • Managing Marking
    • Stop jumping and/or humping
    • Stop barking (on command)

Dogs must be already conditioned to the e-collar before starting this training. We e-collar condition with our off-leash recall.

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