Pre-Dawg Counseling

Pre-Dog Counseling – Choosing the best dog for YOU!

So you’ve decided to get a dog – congratulations! But do you know what kind of dog would best match your particular needs and lifestyle? Choosing the dog that’s right for you can be challenging, and it is so important for you and your future dog’s happiness and quality of life. Remember, you are choosing a dog for his or her lifetime, so you want to be sure you’ve done your homework to make the best choice possible. That’s where All Dawgs can help — our Pre-Dog Counseling service was created to help you find the perfect new best friend for you!

How does the All Dawgs Pre-Dog Counseling service help?

Our Pre-Dog Counseling Package helps to personally match you with the right dog breeds for you so that you can make the most informed decision about your new family member!

Our Pre-Dog Counseling Service Covers:

  • A visit to your home by All Dawgs’ owner, Diane Blackman, CPDT-KA, IACP CDTA/PDTI, CTDI, an expert dog trainer with over two decades of dog training experience who will help you assess your specific needs and recommend the breeds that will best meet them.
  • A customized assessment covering:
    • Exercise and grooming needs
    • Desired temperament
    • Personality and age (puppy or adult dog)
    • Kid-friendliness of specific breeds
    • Whether you’re a first-time or experienced dog owner
    • Available indoor and outdoor space
    • Activities you wish to engage in (such as agility, Rally Obedience, therapy dog work, etc) and much, much more
  • A written report listing the pure-breed and potentially mixed-breed dogs that best match your needs, along with referrals to reputable breeders, rescue organizations and animal shelters from which you can purchase or adopt a suitable dog

Service Info:

  • Who: For anyone who wants to choose a dog that matches their lifestyle
  • Where: At your home
  • When: A day and time that fits your schedule – fill out the registration form below to get started

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All Dawgs Policies

  • Cancellations: Because successful dog training depends on consistency, we have a no-cancellation policy designed to help you and your dog reach your training goals. This includes rescheduling lessons.
  • Payment:  We must receive full payment before scheduling your training appointment(s)
  • Travel: Due to the increasing fuel prices, Private Training clients living more than twenty miles outside of Albany, NY will be charged 75¢ per extra mile driven