Dawg Boarding School

Why choose All Dawgs Boarding School for YOUR dog?

Because time is on our side.  At All Dawgs, our goal is to help your dog become as happy and well-adjusted in their life with you as possible.  Teaching your puppy or dog new skills and helping him or her change undesirable behaviors can be a repetitive process and consistency is key, along with a solid understanding of how your dog learns, which can be a time-consuming process to complete.  That’s where we come in.

The number one reason you should consider boarding school for your dog here at All Dawgs is that it provides the adequate time needed to help your dog change their behavior.

Our “Dog Boarding School” or “in-home” program lets you have the complete freedom of an away-from-home education for your dog that will allow him or her the time that is needed for changes to occur. Choose the time frame best suited to your personal needs, perhaps while you are on vacation or just super busy, and drop off your baby. We’ll do the training and bring you up to speed when you pick your dog up.  Our trainers are gentle, respectful and work on all breeds and all types of dogs, helping to change or mold behavior the proper way, over time.  Our boarding school program is tailor made for your dog’s success, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

Our Boarding School helps your dog successfully change behavior.

In this two-to-six-week immersion-learning program, your dog lives 24/7 with your dog’s Boarding School instructor, where he or she will be given time and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.  The instructor will use her extensive expertise to give your dog the core training that is the foundation of great lifelong behavior – and give you the easygoing, responsive, family-friendly pet every pet-loving family dreams of!

  • While we’ll be happy to crate-train your dog, they must be able to be in a crate without injuring themselves or destroying the crate to enroll in Boarding School. If you are having this issue, we can first work in private lessons in your home. To enroll, click here.

All packages include:

  • Daily care, feeding, training and exercise and enrichment for your dog
  • A training collar to help with exercises such as loose-leash walking
  • A remote collar to help with your dog’s recall and problem behavior (depending on package)
  • Up to two days per week in our Dawgie Daycare for socialization and playtime (if appropriate).
  • up to 90-minute transfer lesson at the end of their program in which your instructor teaches you & your family everything you need to know to maintain and strengthen your dog’s improved manners
  • up to 90-minute remote collar lesson to teach you how to use this very valuable tool!
  • Unfortunately we do not accept aggressive dogs in our Boarding School Programs. This includes both dog to dog aggression as well as dog to human aggression. We do offer evaluations, training, and modification of these behaviors through our private lessons. Learn More

Skills Covered:

Two-Week Primary Program Skills:

  • Attention • Come When Called  (Recall) • Crate Training • Down • Sit •  Taking Treats Nicely •  Wait at Doorways & Mealtimes

Three-Week Intermediate School Skills:

    • Everything covered in our Primary School program plus:
    • Loose Leash Walking • Go to your bed • Stop Jumping • Stop Barking on Command • Stop Stealing Items from Counter • Stop Begging 
    • An elevated bed is included in this package

Four-Week Advanced School Skills:

      • Everything covered in our Primary & Intermediate School programs plus:
      •  Leave It • Drop It • Sit Politely for Petting • Socialization (for dogs less than 6 months) • Placement to the owner’s side
      • An elevated bed is included in this package

Five-Week Scholastic School Skills:

        • Everything covered in our Primary, Intermediate and Advanced School programs plus:
        • Confidence Building •  Load into a Vehicle • Sit & Down Stays • Stand
        • An elevated bed is included in this package

Six-Week Collegiate School Skills:

      • Everything covered in all other programs plus:
      • Housetraining •  Nail Trim Training (for dogs less than 6 months) • Attention Heeling • Tricks That Actually Train
      • An elevated bed is included in this package

Service Info:

Who: Busy people who don’t have time or energy for dog training, and want the convenience of having a professional take charge; also tailored to people whose physical limitations make dog training prohibitively difficult

Where:  In the home of All Dawgs’ Boarding School instructors

When: An intensive two-to-six week mini-semester – register today to save your dog’s spot!

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