Separation Anxiety Modification

We can help your dog be home alone!

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, then you’re suffering too! It’s simply not possible to be with your dog all the time, but you have leaving him or her alone because you know that misery and destruction will be the result. Separation anxiety can produce a lot of anxiety in dogs due to an increase in in cortisol and other stress chemicals. If your absence happens frequently,  the anxiety can be almost constant, causing a negative reaction you can count on.


Does your dog exhibit any of the following mild Separation Anxiety symptoms?

Pacing • Whining • Mild Chewing (such as his bedding) •  Intermittent Barking  •  Mild Excessive Greeting •  Mild Depression •  Some Owner Shadowing  •  No Key Owner Attachment

Does your dog exhibit any of the following moderate Separation Anxiety symptoms?

Anorexia •  Elimination  •  Moderate Destruction •  Constant Barking/Howling •  Moderate Excessive Greeting •   Moderate Depression  •   Sweaty Paws  •  Panting •  Frequent Owner Shadowing •  Pre-Departure Anxiety

Does your dog exhibit any of the following severe Separation Anxiety symptoms?

Self-mutilation •  Escapism  •  Salivation/Drooling •  Extreme Excessive Greeting •  Severe Depression •  Excessive Shedding •  Excessive Water Consumption  •  Diarrhea and/or Vomiting •    Aggression


Service Covers:

  • Private lessons and necessary equipment including Kongs®, Adaptil and an elevated bed
  • A step-by-step action plan that you can follow in between lessons to make your dog eventually feel comfortable when you’re not home
  • A written report at the last lesson with recommended next steps

Service Info:

  • Who: People who want relief from separation anxiety for their dogs and themselves
  • Where: At your home. Some packages also include virtual lessons
  • When: Private lessons typically take place on the weekends, with occasional week day afternoons, and are based on the trainer’s availability. Access to the trainer’s calendar is granted once payment and proof of dog’s vaccines are received.

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All Dawgs Policies

  • Cancellations: Because successful dog training depends on consistency, we have a no-cancellation policy designed to help you and your dog reach your training goals. This includes rescheduling lessons.
  • Payment:  We must receive full payment before scheduling your training appointment(s)
  • Travel: Due to the increasing fuel prices, Private Training clients living more than twenty miles outside of Albany, NY will be charged 75¢ per extra mile driven