Fearful Fido Private Lessons

Is your dog fearful at home, afraid of new places, new people, new dogs and/or new things? Let us help you start your dog’s journey towards becoming confident canines.

Service Includes:

  • Three on-site and two-offsite private lessons. Lessons are 30-minutes each to keep your dog engaged
  • Introduction to equipment and obstacles to help build your dog’s confidence
  • Techniques to help you manage your dog’s stress while advancing his confidence
  • Additional lessons may be purchased after package

Service Info:

  • Who: Busy people who’s schedule does not allow them to attend group class or who want more one-on-one instruction
  • Where: In our facility and sites selected by your dog trainer.
  • When: Private lessons typically take place on the weekends, with occasional week day afternoons, and are based on the trainer’s availability. Access to the trainer’s calendar is granted once payment and proof of dog’s vaccines are received.
  • How to Register: You will receive access to your trainer’s online calendar once we receive registration, payment and your dog’s vaccination history. Please register by clicking on the button below.


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