Dawg-to-Dawg Aggression Modification

Teach your dog to react better to other dogs!



Do you tense up every time you’re walking your dog on-leash towards another dog? Will he bark and lunge, startling the other dog and owner and embarrassing you? If you have a dog who reacts negatively while you are out for walks — barking, growling and/or lunging at other dogs, it can be quite a challenge. It is not only difficult to curb your dog while this is happening, but your dog’s difficult behavior can spark negative reactions in other dogs and could result in an unsafe situation.

If this sounds all too familiar, we can help! All Dawgs’ one-on-one Dog-to-Dog Aggression Modification package of three private lessons will help teach you how to manage your dog’s aggressive behavior. Enjoy going more places with your dog — and improve both your social lives  with this effective series!

Please note, while every dog is different behavior modification take 8-12 months. This service will provide you with the tools you need to work through this process.


dog learning correct way to great in aggression lessonClient and her dog working on the correct
way to be around other dogs

Service Covers:

  • What to do when your dog gets aggressive – and how to predict and prevent aggression towards other dogs
  • How to use behavior modification techniques to modify your dog’s unwanted (and embarrassing) behavior
  • A progressive training approach that starts with small steps that lead to bigger steps. Your trainer will work with you using their well-trained dog to teach you and your dog the proper techniques

Service Info:

  • Who: People who are frustrated by their dog’s aggression towards other dogs
  • Where: At an outdoor site selected by your dog trainer based on your dog’s needs
  • When: Lessons are held from between April and November. Please note, private lessons typically take place on the weekends, with occasional week day afternoons, and are based on the trainer’s availability. Access to the trainer’s calendar is granted once payment and proof of dog’s vaccines are received.


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All Dawgs Policies

  • Cancellations: Because successful dog training depends on consistency, we have a no-cancellation policy designed to help you and your dog reach your training goals. This includes rescheduling lessons.
  • Payment:  We must receive full payment before scheduling your training appointment(s)
  • Travel: Due to the increasing fuel prices, Private Training clients living more than twenty miles outside of Albany, NY will be charged 75¢ per extra mile driven