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Tips on improving your dog’s behavior:

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Service Dog
  • Service Dog Guidelines  – Helpful hits on what to look for — and what to avoid — if selecting a shelter/rescue dog for your use as a service dog
  • Service Dog Traits – Traits to look for when selecting a puppy for service dog work
  • Don’t Shoot a Fly with a Bazooka… – A helpful handout to let you know the right times to use a correction and how to effectively give it to your dog.
  • Fun Interactive Games at Home – Simple indoor and outdoor activities designed to improve specific canine behaviors, from jumping and chewing to coming when called
  • How to Charge the Clicker–  In just a few steps, your dog will learn that “click” means “treat!”
  • How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails – The right equipment and techniques will make nail trimming time less stressful for both you and your dog!
  • Is My Dog Stubborn? – Make your dog more responsive using cause-and-effect behavioral conditioning
  • Nip It In The Bud – How to stop common behavior problems like jumping, inappropriate barking, nipping, and more
  • Preventing Sep-Anx in COVID19 – how to help prevent your dog having issues once we return to “normal.”
  • When It’s Not Okay– How comforting your dog at the wrong time rewards and reinforces fearful behavior
  • Use a Spoon – Puppies and small dogs present special challenges when training. This handout will teach you how to use a wooden or plastic spoon to extend your reach — and save your back when training little dogs.
  • Time for a Ride! Car Re-Introductions – How to Re-introduce Your Dog to Riding in a Vehicle
  • Vocabulary List – list all the commands, and the definitions, your dog knows!

Free Forms

  • Sep-Anx Tracking Log – when working in our trainers in our Separation-Anxiety Modification, use this tracking log to track your dog’s progress when left alone
  • AKC CGC Application – After your dog passes the Canine Good Citizen certification test, get your dog’s official title by submitting this form to the American Kennel Club
  • Housetraining Log – Measure your puppy’s potty training progress with this handy schedule spreadsheet
  • Obedience Training Log – An easy-to-use table that helps you track improvement of new behaviors (such as sit, down, stay, come, and more)
  • Novice Competition Training Log – For Novice Competition class students: accelerate your success by keeping records of training exercises
  • In Case of Accident – This fillable form includes clear instructions about who to contact and how to care for your dog should you ever become unexpectedly incapacitated