Service Dog Boarding School

Let our expert trainers train your service dog tasks!


This service dog was taught to push ADA open buttons in Boarding School!

At All Dawgs, our goal is to help you reach your dog’s service dog training goals! Service dog tasks can be quite complicated, needing many repetitions for the dog to understand and learn what it is you need him to do.  Check out the tasks we train! Our instructors are gentle, respectful and work with all breeds and all types of dogs, helping to change or mold behavior the proper way–over time.

To enroll in the Service Dawg Boarding School program,  your dog must be proficient in general obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come when called and walk on a loose leash.  Enroll in our Advanced Class Assessment to determine if your dog’s training is ready for the next level!

In order for your dog to be successful in our Boarding School, he will need to be able to stay safely in a crate. If you need help, click here to enroll in private lessons before Boarding School.

All packages include:

  • Living in-home with an instructor who has 20+ years of training experience
  • Daily care, feeding, training and exercise, and enrichment for your dog
  • Two days per week in our Dawgie Daycare for socialization and playtime (if appropriate)
  • Weekly progress reports, many including pictures and/or videos, providing information on your dog’s development
  • At least two 60-minute transfer lessons at the end of their program in which your instructor teaches you, and your family, everything necessary to maintain and strengthen your dog’s tasks
  • We are only able to accept dogs that are 85 pounds or less into our Boarding School programs.
  • We cannot accept aggressive dogs in our Boarding School programs. This includes both dog-to-dog aggression as well as dog-to-human aggression. We do offer evaluations, training, and modification of these behaviors through our private lessons. Learn More


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