Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program

Do you want to become a dog trainer but need the knowledge and skills? If so, our Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program was made for you.

At All Dawgs, we understand that it takes more than just love of dogs to properly prepare someone to become a dog trainer, which is why we created our Apprenticeship Program. In the program, you will learn everything you need to know to prepare you for a career as a successful dog trainer, including:

  • Basic canine foundation skills
  • How to properly shape, mold or “get” behavior
  • How to read canine body language
  • How to use training equipment
  • How to understand and apply operant and classical conditioning
  • How to effectively work in group classes and private lessons

As part of this dual-phase program, all Dog Trainer Apprentices will utilize the knowledge and skills we provide to work with an untrained dog older than five (5) months of age in the following ways:

  • Phase 1: Three (3) six-week group classes featuring foundation skills and attending our Apprentice Dawgs, Master Dawgs and one of our advanced classes as well as two (2) mini-classes of Who’s Walking Who and Dawg Manners. Apprentices will work with their dog at least five hours each week, keep a log book and will learn to work with training equipment. Homework will be assigned.
  • Phase 2: Features shadowing current staff and observation of classes as the Apprentice continues to work with their dog. In this phase, Apprentices will learn more about learning theory, canine body language and working with clients in group classes and private lessons. Homework will be assigned.

The Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program is a commitment of five to 15 hours per week and will include 26 one-on-one meeting/lessons with Diane Blackman, Owner of All Dawgs. All participants will receive an Apprenticeship Manual with information and materials from the training.

Upon completion of the Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program, the Apprentice will have completed the required six-month training to apply for employment at All Dawgs Training Services & Daycare as an Assistant Instructor.

If you have always wanted to work with dogs, we hope you will consider our Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program. All Dawgs trains good dogs, and good dog trainers!

Apprenticeship Program Registration