Dawgie Daycare


Does your dog just sit around the house all day while you’re at work, bored to the bone and making messes? Make All Dawgs Daycare part of his weekly routine, and he’ll enjoy hour  playing with canine friends, along with peaceful down time!  All Dawgs’ daycare is the ONLY daycare in the Capital District staffed by professional dog trainers– not less experienced kennel staff – so your dog also gets good manners training and instructor interaction throughout his day! And because we’re staffed by dog trainers, we can accept both intact males AND intact females (though females may not attend when in season) And…. we’re only 8 minutes away from the Harriman State Office campus too!

All Packages Include:

  • A safe, comfy indoor environment and enclosed outdoor potty area that strengthens good housetraining. The daycare also uses essential oils to promote a sense of well-being. Access to a wading pool, with owner’s permission, during warm weather.
  • Good manners training that includes waiting patiently at the door, greeting without jumping, and getting along well with other dogs
  • Maximum ratio dog-to-instructor of 10:1 — the LOWEST in the Capital District!
  • Minimum weekly commitment required,  allows dogs to make friends and play with the same packmates each week. Invoices are sent in 4 week increments to ensure pack safety and stability.

Pack Information:

  • Dogs up to 35 pounds play in our Small Dawg Daycare  (available on Monday-Friday).
  • Dogs between 35-80 pounds play in our Big Dawg Daycare (available Monday-Friday).  

Play & Train Package:

At All Dawgs’ Daycare, your dog gets to play every day – but with our Train & Play option, she’ll also learn how to be a better dog while you work!

  • Daily 15-minute private 1-on-1 individual training sessions with an All Dawgs trainer who takes her away from the pack to work on whatever obedience skills she needs to improve
  • If your dog is already taking an All Dawgs class, we’ll jump-start her on whatever skills we’ll be teaching her in the next lesson or reinforce what she learned the previous week
  • If your dog is about to start an All Dawgs class, we’ll give her a leg-up on what she’ll be learning so she can get to the head of the class quicker

 P.A.W.S. (Personal Assistance With Socialization):

Do you think your dog would benefit from some personal one-on-one assistance to help him or her become better socialized? If so, the All Dawgs P.A.W.S. program (Personal Assistance With Socialization) is for you.

“Socialization” is the process of helping expose dog to new environments and situations. It helps them to feel more relaxed and comfortable when experiencing new people, animals and environments.

These P.A.W.S. activities benefit higher energy dog by helping them maintain a lower energy level to ensure safe group play. P.A.W.S. also helps insecure or anxious dogs by helping them to build confidence. The benefits of 15-20 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to a three-mile walk or hike for most dogs.

Activities in our P.A.W.S program include:

  • Scent work seeking for treats and different scent targeting
  • Food puzzles and games that require the dog to think and act instead of react
  • In-den enrichment such as Nylabones, stuffed Kongs and food wobblers
  • Learning new things to do with their bodies and minds
  • Trick work that challenge the dog to think about what is being asked
  • Access to balance boards and other tasks that boost confidence in insecure dogs
  • And more, customized to fit your dog’s needs


 Nail Trim Training:

We eliminate the stress of trimming your dog’s nails because while our trainers do the grooming, we also use positive reinforcement so your dog likes being groomed. We condition dogs to enjoy being pampered rather than just pushing through their anxiety – so you can eventually perform these essential tasks at home yourself, as well.

Dogs with overgrown nails can develop arthritis in their toes because it’s kind of like a person wearing stiletto heels wherever they walk. Keeping nails trimmed allows dogs to walk naturally without discomfort while preventing debris and germs from accumulating in their paws that can cause infection and become a breeding ground for mites. It’s like a mani-pedi for the canine set.

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