Service Dawg Training

Does your dog have the right stuff?

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Service dogs are specially trained to perform specific tasks to assist people with disabilities and help them to live full, independent lives. Click here for a complete list of tasks All Dawgs is currently training for. Service dogs learn these skills through rigorous training that builds on but goes well beyond what is taught in typical dog training classes. Successful service dogs possess the following traits, temperament and characteristics:

  • In order for your dog to be eligible for our service dog program, your dog must be under 2 years of age prior to the evaluation
  • No timidity, aggression, reactivity or fear issues
  • Not extremely submissive and not extremely strong-willed
  • Super-balanced, easy going, calm nature
  • Social, but not over the top
  • Able to focus on people, even if there is activity occurring around the dog
  • Willingness to learn
  • Intelligent, with a consistent desire to learn and work
  • Low touch sensitivity
  • High frustration threshold
  • Not over the top excited about toys and/or treats
  • Appropriately interacts with other dogs (no hackling, overstimulation, extremely pushy play, etc)
  • No issues with other animals, including cats, birds or small animals
  • Ability to quietly relax in all environments
  • Travels readily and responds to new places, people and things with few signs of stress
  • Accepts guidance, containment and boundaries willingly and readily

If your dog has these traits and you have a need for at least two to three tasks, the next step is to enroll for the All Dawgs’ Service Dog Training Program Evaluation. During the evaluation, your dog’s temperament will be evaluated and their obedience skills assessed. If we determine that your dog will be a successful service dog, you can enroll in our Service Dog Training Program. We train service dogs to meet and exceed the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners’ standards.

Evaluation Covers:

  • Evaluate your dog’s temperament for startles, reaction to another dog, handling and food resource guarding issues
  • Assess your dog’s obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come when called and walk on a loose leash

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