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Train your dog for service dog work!


Service Dogs enable disabled people to live full, independent lives. They are specially trained to pull the physically disabled in wheelchairs, and assist autistic people with everyday tasks. Service Dogs learn these skills through rigorous training that builds on but goes well beyond what is taught in typical dog training classes. Your dog can be certified as a Service Dog through All Dawgs’ intensive Service Dawg Training Package. We train service dogs to meet and exceed the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners’ standards.

What’s the difference between a Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy Dogs?

  • Service Dogs are trained individually to perform tasks enabling a disabled person to manage  major life functions they cannot consistently do on their own. Disabled person has legally protected rights to be accompanied by service dog in public spaces.
  • Emotional Support Dogs provide therapeutic benefits to people with psychiatric disabilities or mental impairment such as dementia. Emotional Support Dogs are not tasked trained to mitigate the disability or do any work and they have no legal rights to public spaces. They are considered a “reasonable accommodation” for housing units with a No Pets policy.
  • Therapy Dogs are trained to deliver emotional comfort and affection to people. They may be invited in as part of a volunteer team into hospitals, schools, nursing homes and/or libraries to help reduce stress. They have no legal right into public spaces. Learn more about therapy dog training

Service Covers:

  • Increase the dog’s general obedience such as walking on a loose leash, sit and down stays and leave it so your dog may be out in public with ease
  • Increasing disabled people’s independence by teaching dogs to tasks such as retrieve objects like dropped keys, push elevator door buttons and more. Please click here to see what tasks we are currently training for.
  • Providing social support that makes disabled people feel more confident and connected to others

Service Info:

Our service dog training consists of:

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