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Looking for your next dog? Let All Dawgs help with our FREE service!


At All Dawgs, we want to help you find the well-bred dog you are looking for by helping to connect you with reputable dog breeders. In fact, it’s so important to us that we offer a FREE service to help connect you to the right breeder for you!

Any person who breeds dogs is considered a breeder, but at All Dawgs, we believe in getting dogs from only REPUTABLE breeders. These breeders will:

  • Thoroughly health test both the sire (father) and the dam (mother) to make sure they are clear of any genetic conditions that may be passed on to their offspring
  • Spend lots of time socializing, caring for and observing their puppies
  • NOT contribute to the homeless dog population. Most dogs in shelters and/or rescue organizations do NOT come from reputable breeders. Many reputable breeders will take the dog back if you’re no longer able to care for the dog

You’ll most likely pay more for a reputably-bred dog, but the chances are that your reputably-bred dog will be healthier and will live longer. Also, there’s a better chance of a good match (in temperament, energy level, etc) with a reputably-bred dog than a dog bought from someone who is simply interested in the money derived from the sale.

There’s also a difference between a purebred dog, which means both the mom and the dad were purebred dogs, and a well-bred dog (See article.)

If your are looking for your next dog and want to take advantage of our free service, it’s easy to get started. Simply fill out the registration form and we will email you the list of reputable breeders for your breed within three business days. If you do not know which breed is best for your lifestyle, we recommend our Pre-Dawg Counseling.



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