Remote Collar Recall Package

Give your dog a rock-solid recall….even with distractions!


Getting your dog to come when called is the most important skill she needs to know – because it could save her from running into traffic or other potentially life-threatening situations. All Dawgs’ Remote Collar Recall Package is the fastest, most effective way to ensure your dog comes when called 100% of the time. And once your dog is fully trained with the collar, she’ll come every time without even wearing it.

Service Covers:

  • A up to 90-minute lesson in how to use the Dogtra™ remote collar – a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art dog training tool
  • Practice using the collar under the direct supervision of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • The principles behind using your remote collar to train your dog while avoiding misuse that can have unintended consequences

Service Info:

  • Who: Any dog who doesn’t always come when called – and dogs who only seem to listen when they want
  • Where: At an outdoor site selected by your dog trainer based on your dog’s needs
  • When: Lessons are held from between April and November. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. ENROLLMENT WILL RE-OPEN ON MARCH 15, 2021.

All Dawgs Policies

  • Cancellations: Because successful dog training depends on consistency, we have a no-cancellation policy designed to help you and your dog reach your training goals. This includes rescheduling lessons.
  • Payment:  We must receive full payment before scheduling your training appointment(s)
  • Travel: Due to the increasing fuel prices, Private Training clients living more than twenty miles outside of Albany, NY will be charged 75¢ per extra mile driven