Remote Collar Recall Package

Give your dog a rock-solid recall….even with distractions!

Ensuring your dog comes when called regardless of distraction is the most important skill because it could prevent potentially life-threatening situations. 85% of dogs will respond to basic recall training. This means that an estimated 15% of dogs will NOT come when called with distractions. All Dawgs’ Remote Collar Recall Package is the fastest, most effective way to ensure your dog comes when called 100% of the time.

Service Covers:

  • An up to 90-minute lesson in how to use the Dogtra™ remote collar – a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art dog training tool. Once trained, your dog will come every time, even without wearing it
  • Practice using the collar under the direct supervision of an experienced dog trainer
  • The principles behind using your remote collar to train your dog while avoiding misuse that can have unintended consequences

Service Info:

    • Who Should Purchase This Package: Any owner whose dog who doesn’t always come when called – and dogs who only seem to listen when they want
    • Where: At an outdoor site selected by your dog trainer
    • When: Lessons are held between April and November. Please note, private lessons typically take place on the weekends, with occasional weekday afternoons, and are based on the trainer’s availability.   Access to the trainer’s calendar is granted once payment and proof of dog’s vaccines are received.

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All Dawgs Policies

  • Cancellations: Because successful dog training depends on consistency, we have a no-cancellation policy designed to help you and your dog reach your training goals. This includes rescheduling lessons.
  • Payment:  We must receive full payment before scheduling your training appointment(s)
  • Travel: Due to the increasing fuel prices, Private Training clients living more than twenty miles outside of Albany, NY will be charged 75¢ per extra mile driven