LuAnn Charbonneau

Assistant School House Manager

LuAnn is one of first-ever Assistant School House Manager. She is also currently works full time as the Assistant Director at the Research Foundation for SUNY at the University of Albany for Awards Management Services, where she manages all aspects of Financial Reporting and collections. As the Assistant School House Manager, LuAnn is responsible managing some of the day-to-day operations for all our training options, including group classes, private lessons, aggression modification, our service dog program and our Play & Train option in Dawgie Daycare.

LuAnn also volunteers for the Rensselaer County 4-H Horse program whenever she can. She is now raising her Bernese Malamute mix, Sampson, and found her love of training through attending our group classes, where both she and Sampson have continued to impress us! She loves working with the staff and clients, and seeing the progression of learning in the dogs she is working with is very rewarding for her.

LuAnn is a fast learner with a positive attitude at all times who also enjoys weightlifting, reading, and spending time with Sampson and her husband, Ray on their Hobby Farm.