Client Success Stories

What people have to say about All Dawgs:

“Teaches good foundations so I can work with her on my own and got me and husband on the same page with training”
Kassandra M – Albany, NY

“I’ve learned a lot about dogs here and I think any dog owner could benefit from the superb education offered here”
Kristen I – Albany, NY

“Great environment, knowledgeable”
Michael G – Albany, NY

“Great classes and facility”
Joe A – Albany, NY

“The trainers & facility are great”
Peter R – Albany, NY

“We have learned so much from Diane … thank you!”
Kathy Graubart – Schenectady, NY

“The staff is always patient and encouraging!”
Sarah Robitaille – Stillwater, NY

“Classes are very well run. The staff is friendly!”
Jerry Wallace – Delmar, NY

“Best training in this area!”
Cheryl McEnroe – Albany, NY

“We had a great experience. They are very professional yet comfortable.”
Patty Ryan – Schenectady, NY

“She has improved greatly on her walking skills and pulls a lot less!”
Ian Cameron – Schenectady, NY

“Great staff and a variety of sessions for all types of dogs.”
Amanda Leili – Whitehall, NY

“All Dawgs has the best all around training!”
Megan Kosior- Latham, NY

“The time of class is great. Less Traffic!.”
Joanne Lue- Guiderland, NY

“Class makes a big difference for the better for both the pet and owner.”
Mary Furan- Albany, NY

“The instructors are very helpful with training, and answering all my questions. All Dawgs daycare is great also!”
Jenny Shea- Cohoes, NY

“Classes are fun but very educational. A must for all puppies.”
Shari Brunner- Niskayuna, NY

“I have seen improvements in my dogs behavior since taking classes at All Dawgs.”
Kimberly Miller- Albany, NY

“The techniques learned are easy so it helps when practicing at home.”
Lyn Van Buren-Altamont, NY

“All Dawgs training is a friendly environment for both the dog and the owner. Both benefit from the lessons being taught.”
Bill Paben- Cazenovia, NY

“The staff gives directions well, and everyone helps when their are problems with your dog.”
MaryAnne Stillman- Altamont, NY

“The staff gives great advice and is always checking on our progress. The trainers make sure hey get to know each dog personally.”
Lauren Wendel & Mike Montone- Schenectady, NY

“The staff has been very knowledgeable, and always willing to help with questions.”
Sally Head & Eileen Reedy- Albany, NY

“Thank you for the training and tips. Your class has been very helpful.”
Bill & Sandy Paben – Albany, NY

“Good training methods. Very friendly staff.”
Eric Spanswick & Gina Winkler – Guilderland, NY

“Very professional trainers, one hour of class time is devoted to training. Class are well organized and well presented.”
Esther Strachman – Delmar, NY

“Experienced, and professional staff.”
Jason Goodell – Glenville, NY

“All Dawgs offers a variety of classes, and also gives helpful information on corrections.”
Dot Cadwell – Troy, NY

“All Dawgs offers enjoyable experiences, and makes it fun to interact with my dog.”
Betsy Worthingoton – Averill Park, NY

“Classes are at a good time of day. Parking is a little difficult, but I appreciate the email communication.”
Whitney Braunlin – Delmar, NY

“I wish I brought my other dog who would have learned more here.”
Caroline Horizny – Albany, NY

“We love the time and patience All Dawgs has taken with us and our dog. The training has been effective!”
David and Sarah Hershey – Albany, NY

“I Love All Dawgs! The instructors really care about your dog’s progress.”
Diane Kessler-Mullin – Latham, NY

“Trainers are knowledgeable and experienced.”
Cheryl Declan – Albany, NY

“Looking forward to the new facility.”
Loretta Hall – Latham, NY

“Everyone was super friendly, the class was very organized. The trainers were very knowledgeable, and always had good tips when things weren’t working.”
Sara Ritz – Albany, NY

“Thank you so much! There is so much to learn and I appreciate the help!.”
Sofia Furlong – Albany, NY

“The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly. I have seen an improvement in my dog since class.”
Lindsey Williams – Catskill, NY

“The instructors are wonderful and devote as much time as you need when addressing your dog’s issues.”
Jessica Kelstrup – Albany, NY

“This is the second dog we have trained here, and we are always happy with the results.”
James Gianatasio – Albany, NY

“All Dawgs has a fun, and excellent training staff.”
Mara Lamphere – Albany, NY

“The trainers are very patient, and the setup of the classroom was mindful of my dogs reactivity.”
Emily Martin – Ballston Spa, NY

“Great classes, wonderful staff, and owner.”
Janet Twardzik – Waterford, NY

“The trainers were friendly, and knowledgeable.”
Amanda Weklar – Averill Park, NY

“Having 2 instructors is great, good clear lessons, my dog has had fun.”
Debbie Parks – Delmar, NY

“All Dawgs has a comfortable setting, the trainers answer every question, and they are judgement free.”
Donna Smith – Cohoes, NY

“Thank you so much for working with Millie. I learned so much even though i have been to several other puppy/obedience classes and other locations. All Dawgs staff is professional, with friendly expert and caring trainers who are approachable. ”
Kimberly Scaringe – Cohoes, NY

“I like the transition from easier to more difficult classes.”
Bonnie Bender – Cohoes, NY

“The trainers at All Dawgs are very experienced and knowledgeable.”
Maria Bove – Troy, NY

“My first time in training class with All Dawgs, I was so impressed with the professionalism of the training staff.”
Maria Peek – Schenectady, NY

“The skills we learned were very helpful. I will continue this training even after class ends.”
Katharine Reilly – Slingerlands, NY

“All Dawgs has a very professional staff, worth the cost of classes.”
Barbara Wagner – Albany, NY

“All Dawgs is a great place! The staff is very polite! They make the training very easy to understand.”
Michelle Mauro – Niskayuna, NY

“All Dawgs has a very professionsal staff!.”
John Poole – Slingerlands, NY

“Marley is much more calm around other dogs- he listens better with simple commands and pulls less on his leash.”
Chanel Hayes – Albany, NY

“All Dawgs has a great staff! They have easy to follow training, multiple options to take other classes, and class schedules.”
Chris and Melinda Casey – Troy, NY

“All Dawgs has been very good with helping me with any issues I have with Kolbe.”
Shawnee Zyskowski – Alamont, NY

“Before All Dawgs Sophie was very shy and did not want to come into class. By the last class; she was pulling us to get inside. She is much more social now, and enjoys coming each week.”
Johnathan LaPoint – Albany, NY

“I have been taking classes since puppy dawgs training and she is the best dog I have ever owned..”
Tom McAllister – Scotia, NY

“All Dawgs has been very good with helping me with any issues I have with Kolbe.”
Shawnee Zyskowski – Alamont, NY

“After learning how to walk on a loose leash my daughter, and our pup can finally take walks together which is her dream come true.”
Kathie Dubin – Delmar, NY

“Milo listens significantly better than before classes began. I can take him in public without him dragging me around. I look forward to taking him more places.”
Ashlyn Van Buren – Altamont, NY

“Everyone at All Dawgs is very helpful and cares about the dogs progress.”
Diane Kessler-Mullin- Albany, NY

“Very happy with All Dawgs, and I will continue to come here for training.”
Anthony Lugo – Waterford, NY

“At All Dawgs they give you good concept training with a strong knowledge of tips and tricks.”
Laura Weiner – Schenectady, NY

“At All Dawgs the instructors are very knowledgeable, and are patient working with both the dogs and their owners.”
Krysta Pogge – Loudonville, NY

“All Dawgs has a staff that is caring and willing to work with you and your partner.”
Sally Head – Albany, NY

“At All Dawgs I feel like I’m family, I know they care about my dog and are very good working with his specific needs.”
Stephanie Kuhne – Schenectady, NY

“He’s become more attentive and obedient. He has also calmed down and doesn’t jump as much. Everyone who knows Percy has seen such a huge difference in his behavior!”
Cailtin Graves – Albany, NY

“My dog is more attentive and responsive. I’m so glad I found All Dawgs.”
Michael Ayala – Glenmont, NY

Instruction is easy to understand and effective. All staff and trainers are friendly and helpful”
Samantha Bailey – Voorheesville, NY

My dog is more responsive to commands and the training techniques are effective!”
Matthew Klawonn – Troy, NY

Great instruction and facility to practice in!”
Robin Cabanos – Albany, NY

My dog listens much better now that he has an intellectual outlet. He isn’t as high strung!”
Casey Wagoner – Cohoes, NY

She’s become a very obedient dog & is much happier since attending the classes. She loves training here!”
Janet Twardzik – Waterford, NY

My dog pays better attention to me and responds more quickly to commands.”
Leslie Fischer – Saratoga Springs, NY

Ida’s recall has improved. She has become more obedient at home. She is showing a tendency to enjoy working. ”
Janet & Adam Ulrich – Albany, NY

All Dawgs has been very helpful in class and providing one-on-one support. I would recommend them 100%.”
Sara Chauvot – Rensselaer, NY

It’s good training with lots of hands on practice”
Dave Carnevale – Guilderland, NY

Daily activities are so much easier!”
Mary Harney – Waterford, NY

Professional, communication was clear, and homework was great!”
Rhonda Hypnarowski – Albany, NY

My dog is more attentive, responds to ‘sit’ and ‘down,’ and takes treats without grabbing.”
Kathy Phelan – Troy, NY

I’ve noticed a big improvement in Teddy’s behavior, and class is fun.”
Kelley Jensen – Altamont, NY

Since the class, Maxwell has become more comfortable around other people and dogs. Max has also learned to sit, lay down, and come when called.”
Steven Smith – Rensselaer, NY

My dog is calmer and listens better.”
Patrica McLaughlin – Averill Park, NY

It’s a wonderful environment which has proven time and time again to beneficial!”
Colette Crisafulli – Albany, NY

My dog has become more comfortable in new places.”
Edward Lafond – Watervliet, NY

So many times I find myself making mistakes on the proper way to train Sunny. All Dawgs teaches you the best way for success!”
Donnie Tessitore – Albany NY

We are able to do loose leash walking – that wasn’t possible before!”
Sarah Cummings – Mechanicville, NY

My dog’s behavior is noticeably different, and guests in our home have commented.”
Cathy Pesta – Watervliet, NY

Our dog now listens better and walks on a loose leash very well.”
Sarah Filkins & Abram Kangas – Cohoes, NY

My dog responds more often when called!”
Pam Strong – East Greenbush, NY

Reactive Rover was very well planned and individualized. She is starting to associate other dogs with treats and looks to me when another dog barks at her now.”
Katie Trainor – Clifton Park, NY

When we started, my dog didn’t respond to his name. Now Sam is attentive and responds to commands.”
Michelle Terry – East Greenbush, NY

Emma is definitely listens and obeys commands more consistently. All Dawgs gave us great results.”
Amy Stahlman – Averill Park, NY

The class helped me learn positive ways to work with my dog.”
Ellen Simkulet – Wynantskill, NY

My dog is much more social and confident now.”
Jan Finch – Watervliet, NY

My dog is learning commands and doesn’t jump up on people as much.”
Jeff Barrett – Athens, NY

My dogs are much more social and less timid in new situations. I have noticed a big difference!”
Kelley Jensen – Altamont, NY

My dog is jumping less, listening more, and walking better on a leash.”
Joanna Douglas – Rensselaer, NY

All Dawgs’ friendly staff provided me with great training tips, consistent information, and excellent service.”
Kaitlin McCarty – Waterford, NY

The best benefit was having my daughters take the lead in training.”
Greg Haworth – North Greenbush, NY

I loved that All Dawgs provided more than one way to teach my dog.”
Danielle Wagar – Clifton Park, NY

Seems more relaxed around other dogs, good exposure and the train was amazing and experienced!”
Katie Lacy – Schoharie, NY

I enjoy walking my dog now, thanks to All Dawgs.”
Michelle LaPorta – Rensselaer, NY

The class really made a difference. My dog listens a lot better now.”
Michele Baudy – Troy, NY

I just cannot believe the improvements and progress. All Dawgs’ training techniques really made all the difference. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Laura Cook – Rensselear, NY

The classes were small, and personal attention was paid to each dog.”
Cindy Gagliardi – Colonie, NY

I learned how to better communicate with my dog.”
Cassandra Folwell – Wynantskill, NY