Dawgie Daycare FAQ

Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about Dawgie Daycare:

1. Why is daycare good for my dog?

Daycare gives dogs the chance to play and socialize. Play is very important dog social activity. Through play, dogs (especially puppies) learn about themselves, their limits and the environment. This is how they learn to use dog body language to avoid conflicts. While we are able to incorporate play in our Puppy Dawg class, dogs need even more. Play is also an important energy outlet. It gives them a chance to run and jump, tug and chase. Our Dawgie Daycare staff keeps up-to-date on the daycare research so we give dogs the very best!

Daycare is great for dogs that live in single-dog households as dogs need a lot of socialization — both as puppies as well as when they are adults — more than most people even realize. Daycare is also a great way to socialize your dog so he does not get lonely or bored while you are away at work and begin destructive behavior. Dogs come home happy and tired! 

2. What is the difference between other daycare centers and All Dawgs?

All Dawgs is the only daycare center in the Capital District managed by a certified professional dog trainer. This means our staff has received YEARS of training in the art and science of dog training, including canine body language, and most of our daycare staff is also Pet First Aid and CPR certified. Instructors play with the dogs as well as work on individual and group training activities, including good manners training (teaching them to going a crate nicely, not allowing them to jump or pull and waiting patiently at doors and to come out of crates).  We also offer optional individual training while your dog is with us in daycare to work on other obedience skills.  We also work with many under-socialized adult dogs.

3. What is my dog’s day like in daycare?

Dogs play with other daycare dogs as well as our professional daycare staff in one of our two large training spaces totaling 5,300 SF. This gives them plenty of room to run, jump and play! When appropriate, daycare-safe toys are available for the dogs to play with. Dogs are taken outside frequently to keep your dog’s good housetraining habits. 

Our daycare dogs are crated temporarily when dogs come into daycare and leave daycare during drop-off and pick-up. This insures no dog gets rushed by the other dogs when arriving and that we can concentrate on good manners when returning your dog to you. Dogs are also crated in rotation every 30 minutes throughout the day. This based on the newest daycare research that state that dogs that are out all day may become over-tired and cranky towards other dogs or staff members. All dogs also rest during the staff’s 30-minute lunch. However, the dogs receive hours of playtime so they’re ready to rest when you bring them home each day!

3. Why does my dog have to commit to specifics day(s) of the week?

We ask our Dawgie Daycare clients to commit to a specific day of the week to provide a very stable, very consistent pack. The dogs on each day get to know each other and that helps prevent even the smallest incident from happening. This keeps all the dogs in the pack safe and happy! Unfortunately, this means we cannot allow “drop-ins.”

4. If I have to miss a daycare day, can I reschedule it for later that week?

Unfortunately no. Because we want a consistent, stable pack for safety reasons, we are unable to get you in another day if your dog has to miss daycare. We have a strict two new dog limit on any given day, reserved for dogs joining that day’s pack. This helps insures all the dogs are safe and happy.  However, our clients are never charged for missed days if we close the daycare center due to weather!

5. Do we allow intact dogs into daycare? 

YES! We understand that many people choose to keep their dogs intact for health reasons or because they wish to breed their dog in a responsible manner later in the dog’s life. These dogs deserve to go to daycare too! Our experienced trainers work with hormonal behaviors common in intact dogs, just as we work with any dog who exhibits other inappropriate behavior in daycare. However, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies, we do ask that intact females do not come to daycare while they are in season.

6. Why is there three dog packs based on size?

We  have three daycare packs — one for small dogs up to 35 pounds and one for dogs between 40 and 80 pounds and one for dogs over 80 pounds. While we do allow dogs just outside of these ranges, the weight limit is to protect all the dogs in the pack. Dog play can become dangerous when the weight difference doubles and we want all dogs to go home tired AND happy.  Puppies may start in a smaller weight range and move up as they continue to grow.  For puppies, we recommend starting the same day of the week as your dog’s pack as an adult. This allows for a ver easy transition for you and your puppy!

7. Why do we limit the number of dogs in the pack?

We limit the number of dogs in our daycare pack for safety reason and in accordance with NYS Agriculture & Market laws. Not even the most experienced dog trainers can pay attention to everything with too many dogs out and playing. We have the lowest trainer-to-dog ratio in the Capital District at 10 to 1 for this reason. Safety is our priority!