Daycare Play & Trains

Improve your dog’s training with this great daycare add-on service!

Add some training in your dog’s daycare day … with our Play & Train package!

The All Dawgs daycare programs include the benefits of good socialization, daily exercise, group play and good manners. What could be better than your dog play with his friends every day and learning how to be a better dog while he’s having fun? To improve your dog’s training, add our Play & Train package dur his daycare day.

Our Play & Train Packages includes:
  • 15-minute private training session with an All Dawgs instructor who will work with your dog individually to help him improve his obedience skills. Choose from skills such as:
    • Sit
    • Down
    • Walk on a loose leash
    • Stay
    • Come when called
    • Climb (go to bed)
    • Leave It
    • Drop It
    • skills for the Master Dawgs assessment
    • skills for the CGC and/or therapy dog certification
  • You’ll receive written information on basic obedience to reinforce what your dog has learned
  • We’ll jump-start your dog’s training if you dog is taking class or about to start one

Contact us if you’re dog is currently enrolled in Dawgie Daycare and you’d like to add-on this service or enroll in Dawgie Daycare today!