Daycare Test Day Information

We’re excited to have your dog in daycare! Here’s what you need to know for his/her first day with us:

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Information:

  • Your dog can be dropped off anytime between 6:30 AM and 9:30 AM.  Please note, pack play starts promptly at 9:30 AM so we cannot have late arrivals as it interferes with other dogs’ playtime.
  • You may pick your dog up from daycare any time before 6:30 PM as we host group training classes in the evenings. If your dog is in daycare on the same day as class scheduled at 7 PM, your dog may stay until you arrive for class, free of charge.
  • Please note, recurrent late drop-off (after 9:30 AM) or late pick-ups (after 6:30 PM) will incur a $50 late fee on your next invoice. We do understand that things happen but please do your best to be on time as well as communicate with our staff if you will be late
  • We have limited parking in front of the building. Additional parking may be found behind the building. Please DO NOT park in the adjacent parking lot. That parking lot belongs to another business and they have the right to tow cars parked illegally.

Needed Equipment:

  • A three-to-four-foot nylon, cotton, or leather leash. Please do not use on a retractable/flexi leash.
  • We require all dogs be on either a buckle collar or martingale collar. Snap collars are not safe for daycare play.  We sell both buckle and/or martingale collars and we’d be happy to fit your dog on his/her first day
  • Whatever equipment you’re currently using to walk your dog. This equipment will go in your dog’s cubby during the day.
  • Please no flea/tick collars. They can be easily broken during pack play.
  • Lunch (if necessary) in a Ziplock bag with your dog’s name on it. This ensures your dog only receives their food.

We’ll provide everything else!

About our Dawgie Daycare:

  • All Dawgs offers a closed enrollment Dawgie Daycare. We ask our clients to commit to the same day(s) each week. After your dog is accepted, you’ll receive an invoice for the next four weeks. This provides your dog the safety and security to excel! We promise your dog will never be with more dogs than he/she is ready for and guarantee our 10 dogs per daycare instructor.
  • Your dog’s spot is reserved for him/her on that specific day based on your paid invoice. We cannot switch days as that would endanger the consistency that allows the dogs to be so successful here! We do offer each dog a one-time courtesy equal to the number of days they attend weekly. We may be able to accommodate add-on days for an extra charge if space allow. Please ask in advance if interested.
  • We rotate dogs between playing and resting during the morning and afternoon pack session. Research shows a higher rate of incidents in the afternoon in daycares that do not offer your dog to rest. We want your dog to go home tired AND happy!
  • As we are constantly working on appropriate social behavior, you may see your dog or other dogs wearing a drag line. These are used for our staff to quickly correct a dog that may be rude
    or antagonistic to other dogs (barking or lunging in dogs faces, humping, etc.). These behaviors can sometime get dogs in trouble with other dogs, the drag lines help us quickly assist your dog
    with more appropriate social interactions–keeping your dog and other dogs safe.
  • We take daily photos and post them on our Facebook page. We do our very best to include a picture of each dog, especially photos of the dogs at play. If you don’t see your dog one day you will more than likely see their picture the next time they are in.
  • Regardless of how much play time a dog receives, they will always be excited to see their owners. They love you! This does not mean your dog is not tired. Often, as soon as your dog gets home and has dinner, you will see just how tired they are. Most dogs relax and sleep the night away after a full day of daycare.
  • If your dog is not tired, your dog may have a higher-than-average energy level. They may need more daycare days to expend their energy effectively on a regular basis.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here to help you and your dog. We look forward to having your dog in daycare with us soon!