Helpful Hints & Needed Supplies

  • You are on under evaluation the ENTIRE time you’re on testing grounds. ANY aggression — before, during and after the test — is grounds for dismissal from the test and non-certification for CGC and/or therapy dog certification that day!!!!!! Give yourself and the other dogs around you PLENTY room. Also, do not “mill” about with dogs you do not know — you are asking for trouble!!!
  • No food, motivational toys or training collars are allowed during the test. Please remove treats, toys and/or treat pouches before entering the evaluation area.
  • Physical corrections (leash corrections, pulling up on the lead to make the dog sit) are NOT allowed at any time during the test.
  • Touching the dog’s body to force it into position (for example, pushing on the dog’s rear end to make it sit) is NOT allowed at any time during the test.
  • You may not block the leave it cookie with your body. The dog must walk over the cookie during the test.
  • Remember to be a responsible dog owner! Supplies will be available to clean up after your dog if you need one.


  1. Your dog’s rabies vaccination record. We will not be able to test any dog without this information.
  2. Your dog’s brush
  3. Appropriate collar:
    • The dog must be on a buckle, martingale or non-corrective harness
  4. A non-retractable leash. We recommend 4-6 foot leash made of nylon, cotton or leather.

NOTE: If you are unsure that the collar or harness you want to use is appropriate for the test, bring it as well as a buckle just in case you need to switch. We cannot test any dog that has on inappropriate equipment.