Helpful Hints & Needed Supplies

  • You are on under evaluation the ENTIRE time you’re on testing grounds. ANY aggression — before, during and after the test — is grounds for dismissal from the test and non-certification for CGC and/or therapy dog certification that day!!!!!! Give yourself and the other dogs around you PLENTY room.  Also, do not “mill” about with dogs you do not know — you are asking for trouble!!!
  • No food, motivational toys or training collars are allowed during the test. Please remove treats, toys and/or treat pouches before entering the evaluation area.
  • Physical corrections (leash corrections, pulling up on the lead to make the dog sit) are NOT allowed at any time during the test.
  • You are only allowed TWO commands (a verbal command and a hand signal count as two commands) for therapy dog evaluation.
  • Dogs must walk on a loose leash. This means the clip of your dog’s leash is pointing down (see picture below)
  • Touching the dog’s body to force it into position (for example, pushing on the dog’s rear end to make it sit) is NOT allowed at any time during the test.
  • Your dog may not jump up on anybody during the CGC and/or therapy dog evaluations.
  • Your dog may not eliminate during testing and will not pass if it does.  Remember to potty your dog prior to the test!


  1. Your dog’s brush (for CGC)
  2.  A non-retractable four-foot leash. We recommend leashes made of nylon, cotton or leather.
  3. Appropriate collar.  For CGC test: the dog must be on a buckle, martingale or non-corrective harness.  For therapy dog test: the dog must be on a buckle or martingale collar.   For CGC and therapy dog test: the dog must be on a buckle or martingale collar.  Choke, prong and head collars are not permitted

NOTE: If you are unsure that the collar or harness you want to use is appropriate for the test, bring it as well as a buckle just in case you need to switch. We cannot test any dog that has on inappropriate equipment.