Household Integration Package – copy

Have your pets all get along!

Integrating an new dog into the householdBringing a new dog home is a joyous occasion for your family. But your first dog (or cat) may see him as more of a threat than a potential best friend, and lash out with aggressive behavior. All Dawgs’ Household Integration package prepares your family for your new pack member’s arrival – and ends aggression between dogs already living together.

Service Covers:

  • The art of introducing a new dog (or cat) into your dog household (if you haven’t already done so)
  • What to do when one of your dogs is aggressive – and how to prevent aggression by divvying up your home “territory” (favorite sleeping spots, food, toys, etc.)
  • How to use behavior modification to reduce and eventually eliminate your dog’s aggressive dominance

Service Info:

  • Who: People who want their dogs to stop fighting and get along with each other
  • Where: At your home, where the problem is happening

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