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The All Dawgs Story – Diane’s Dream and How A Dog Named Tiger Started It All

TigerIn 1996, Diane Blackman, North Carolina native and future owner of All Dawgs Training Services and Daycare, brought home a Golden Retriever puppy she named Tiger.  Little did she know how much that one dog would change her life.  After enrolling Tiger in an obedience class, Diane decided to become a dog trainer herself and joined the dog-training facility staff.

After several years of working with dogs, simply being a dog trainer was not enough for Diane.  In 2006, Diane moved from North Carolina to upstate New York and opened All Dawgs Training Services in 2007.  Diane’s dream was born.

The business started with in-home private training lessons in Schoharie County and it grew quickly.  Group classes began in 2008 in Diane’s backyard, and then, in 2010, Diane was invited to teach at a local veterinarian’s office.  The space was small and only allowed for 6-8 dogs, but Diane saw the potential.  The business continued to expand and transitioned from Schoharie to the greater Capital Region, with more services offered every year.  On January 6, 2014, All Dawgs Training Services officially opened for business at 30 Railroad Avenue in Albany, New York with 5,500 square feet of training space.  Since that inauguration, Diane has continued to expand the business to include daycare for small, regular and giant dogs, service dog training and home dog care (pet sitting).  In addition, Diane and her staff offer educational workshops and lectures on canine behavior and good training techniques to people around the Capital Region.

Our New Building – ALL Dogs’ Favorite Spot

With the arrival of 2017, All Dawgs Training Services and Daycare is pleased to be celebrating 10 years of service to the people and dogs of the Capital Region – and we’ve only just begun.  Even as we celebrate where we are today, we are already working to lay the plans for the next step in Diane’s dream – a brand new facility which will allow the business to grow to its fullest potential.

The new facility will include features such as large areas for training and daycare, additional storage, separate areas for small, regular and giant daycares, space for grooming, boarding and agility training, a large retail space, administrative space, expanded parking and more.   “The new facility will be built according to a custom plan, which will allow us to create it just the way we want it to be, without having to fit our operations into an existing structure,” Diane explains.  “At our current location, we’ve had to try to ‘make do’ in many ways, and now it’s time to stretch our wings and build the kind of facility that will allow us to grow the way we need to.  We already accommodate our clients’ needs in so many ways, but with the new facility, we will be able to really do it all, which is lacking in a single facility in this area.”

Diane is planning to start the site selection in 2019-2020 with construction planned to begin in 2022. The new building will be opened in 2024.  Plans for the 55,000 square foot state-of-the-art building will include:

  • Three daycare/training rooms ranging from 3,500 SF to 4,200 SF each. Each of these rooms has their own access to separate dog yards outside
  • A fourth training room approximately 3,000 SF for daytime training
  • A 22,000 SF agility center
  • A separate outside agility field
  • A 40-run boarding area — including areas for standard runs, luxury suites and space for aggressive dogs
  • A grooming salon
  • A large retail and reception area — so there’s plenty of space for our clients and their dogs!

Although Diane says that the new facility will not officially be open until 2024, plans and preparations are being put into place now to ensure that the facility will be ready to open its doors according to plan.  “We are already working with architects and other personnel to help design the building, and we will work hard to keep the project on time and under budget,“ says Diane.  “We are very excited to see this project come to fruition for our clients, and for many other people in the Capital Region who are looking for this type of one-stop shop for all their dog’s needs.  We believe this new facility is going to be a major convenience for people and we will be happy to provide everything they need under one roof.”

From taking care of her dog Tiger’s needs to accommodating the needs of all dog owners in New York’s Capital Region, Diane doesn’t know how to dream little.  The new building is a goal that Diane has set her sights on as necessary for the dog owners in upstate New York –  a one-stop canine services shop that doesn’t currently exist but will open its doors in 2024 because Diane has dreamed it, and she and her staff won’t stop until the dream becomes a reality.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

We will be raising funds throughout this building campaign. We will be hosting events, having contests, holding raffles as well as accepting donations though GoFundMe for the following projects:

  • Agility Center – $2,500,000 –  Donate Now
  • Boarding Area – $600,000 – Donate Now
  • Daycare & Training Areas – $3,000,000 –  Donate Now
  • Exterior Areas – $750,000  – Donate Now
  • Equipment – $300,000 – Donate Now
  • General Fund (for projects not specified above including design, property acquisition and construction of support areas) $4,000,000 – Donate Now

Please note, we are NOT an not-for-profit. Donations are not tax deductible.



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