Our P.I.P. (Pack Integration Program) will turn YOUR dog into a V.I.P.!


Does your dog struggle to interact with other dogs? Let our Pack Integration Program (P.I.P.) help him make friends. This program is designed for dogs who are working on their socialization to be successful in a pack with at least 4 other dogs.

Our Pack Integration Program (P.I.P. ) Includes:

  • Two days per week of Dawgie Daycare
  • Confidence building Personal Assistance with Socialization (P.A.W.S.)
    •  Studies show 15 to 20 minutes of mental stimulation is equivalent to a 3-miles walk or hike for most dogs
    •  P.A.W.S. activities benefits dogs by helping them to increase higher confidence for safe group play
    •  Dogs will receive P.A.W.S. every day that they are in daycare.  PA.W.S. dogs must be in daycare by 8:30 a.m. to ensure that packs can run at 9:30 a.m.
  • Adaptil-sprayed bandana for calming and anxiety reduction
  • Engagement with a Dawgie Daycare staff member before afternoon packs

Our P.I.P. Program is intended to be temporary. Once your dog is able to be fully integrated in a pack, we will transition your dog into a regular daycare package.

Contact us if you’re dog is currently enrolled in Dawgie Daycare and you’d like to add-on this service or enroll in Dawgie Daycare today!

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