Deluxe Prong Collar

Prong collars are training tools. If you have a leash-puller, a prong collar is an effective solution in addition to training. Unlike other collars, a prong collar spreads all around the dog’s neck when he pulls. As the neck is a weaker part of the dog’s anatomy, less force is needed to achieve the desired […]

Training Tab Leash

Tab leashes are a short leash that allows the handler to grab their dog quickly and keep them close by. These leashes are great for agility training, as they don’t get in the dogs way when they run the course.

Buckle Collars

For dogs that do not need any correction for pulling or for our Dawgie Daycare clients, we recommend buckle collars for our client dogs. Snap collars can come off — right when you need to stay on your dog’s neck! Buckle collars should fit snug where you can only fit 1 to 2 fingers between […]


The KONG is a nontoxic, dishwasher-safe rubber toy with a hollow center. Stuff with food (check out our free Kong Stuffing Recipes handout), can help help dog’s burn excess energy or help relieve the symptoms of separation anxiety! Medium Kongs- great for dogs 15-35 pounds Large Kongs – great for dogs 35-65 pounds Extra Large Kongs – great for […]


Our leashes are great for everyday uses and training! We offer four foot and tab leashes in a variety of sizes and colors. We also have 20ft and 30ft leashes that are great for recall and stays with duration training. We can special order colors! Just contact us at after the sale and let […]


Perches are great tools to teach dogs how to use their rear end independently of their front end — whether for more advanced training or as the beginning of great tricks! Small Perches – for dogs less than 35 pounds Large Perches – for dogs over 35 pounds

Adaptil Spray

Adaptil spray mimics the smell of a nursing dam. Remember, puppies are born deaf and blind….but they can always smell. This is a smell that help the puppy find their mom to nurse — and all was right with the world! Adaptil spray may be sprayed on bedding or in a crate, on a bandanna […]

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Benefits of a muzzle: Protect your dog and keep others safe Excellent tool for Aggression Modification, which takes 8-12 months Helps you and other feel relaxed We recommend Baskerville Ultra Muzzles as it allows your dog to pant and take treats Sizing: To fit your dog, the muzzle: cannot be longer than your dog’s actual “nose […]

Elevated Beds

These beds are very effective in helping you teach your dog self control, and also mentally exercise your dog. Use to teach your dog to not go crazy at the door when somebody rings the bell, beg at the table, and to help integrate a energetic younger dog with an older dog. The sturdy frame […]


Studies have shown dogs have THREE SECONDS to make an association between a cause and effect! A clicker is a great way to mark the behavior and tell your dog he did it right!