How do I stop my dog from jumping?

Jumping is a self-rewarded behavior for dogs. They get your attention (whether is it good or bad) when they jump. All Dawgs can help teach your dog the self-control to keep all four feet on the floor in either our Dawg Manners mini-class, or in private on-on-one lessons.

What can I do about my dog’s anxiety when I am gone?

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may bark, drool and destroy things when left alone. At All Dawgs we offer a Separation Anxiety Modification program to help your dog learn to be okay when left alone. We also recommend daycare during this modification until they are ready to be left alone so they cannot practice […]

At what age should my puppy start training?

Puppies are in their socialization window until they are 20 weeks of age. We want to expose them to all sorts of things before that age. We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior guidelines that puppies receive socialization before they are fully vaccinated. Puppies may enroll in our Puppy Dawgs class and/or daycare […]

Does My Dog Need to be Spayed or Neutered to go to Daycare?

At All Dawgs, no. We allow intact dogs in our Daycare program. We know that recent scientific studies now show that keeping your dog intact (not spayed or neutered) longer can be more beneficial for their long-term health. However, for safety reasons, females may not attend when they are in season.

Can I Change My Dog’s Aggressive Behavior?

Yes, you can change your dog’s aggressive behavior. Our aggression modification programs help modify your dog’s behavior – whether he or she is aggressive toward people, other dogs, or both. We will help your dog’s leader while teaching you how to promote the behavior you want!

Can I Stop My Dog From Pulling On Leash?

Yes you can! And All Dawgs can help. We can help in either our three-week “Who’s Walking Who” mini-class or in private lessons. Loose leash walking is actually a very difficult skill – as every time your dog pulls, they think that is how you walk with them. We can teach you (and your dog) […]

Is My Dog Too Old to Potty Train?

Absolutely not! We can help you teach our puppy or older dog to go where you want – outside!  Potty training takes time though, so your trainer will be ready to provide phone and email support for several weeks to make sure you are on the right track!

Can My Pitbull Go To Dog Daycare?

At All Dawgs, the answer is YES! We do not discriminate based on a dog’s breed. We allow all breeds into our Daycare program, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane, and all breeds in between. All Dawgs Daycare is the ONLY daycare in the Capital District staffed by professional dog trainers – […]

How Can I Potty Train My Dog?

Potty training is actually a hard skill to teach, especially for puppies. Puppies have small bladders and need frequent trips outside or other ways to prevent accidents. At All Dawgs, your trainer will give you all the skills needed and the support afterwards to make sure you are on the right track!

What Makes A Good Therapy Dog?

Therapy dogs provide emotional benefits for the public, primarily at schools, libraries, nursing homes and hospitals. These dogs are specially trained to help the people they serve in the community in a variety of ways. A rigorous training regimen as well as special certification are necessary to prepare a dog to become a therapy dog.  […]