Can My Pitbull Go To Dog Daycare?

At All Dawgs, the answer is YES!

We do not discriminate based on a dog’s breed. We allow all breeds into our Daycare program, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane, and all breeds in between. All Dawgs Daycare is the ONLY daycare in the Capital District staffed by professional dog trainers – not less experienced kennel staff – so your dog also gets good manners training and instructor interaction throughout his day!  All Dawgs has the lowest dog-to-instructor ratio in the area, at 10:1.  And because we’re staffed by dog trainers, we not only accept breeds that other daycare facilities do not, but we can also accept both intact males AND intact females (though females may not attend when in season).

Prior to being accepted into our Daycare program, each dog meets with a trainer for an evaluation of temperament and energy level. Based on this, accepted dogs will be placed in appropriate playgroups with compatible dogs. All Dawgs trainers and instructors take pride in knowing your dog’s personality and play style so they can play safely, and get the most out of their day here.  Our Daycare dogs also get daily Good Manners training. This includes sitting and waiting patiently before going through doors; greeting without jumping; and getting along well with other dogs. At All Dawgs, our goal is for all our daycare dogs – even the breeds that other daycares do not accept – to go home happy and well-mannered pups!

If you think your pup would benefit from daycare, call All Dawgs at 518-831-9192 or get more information here.

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