What Makes A Good Therapy Dog?

Therapy dogs provide emotional benefits for the public, primarily at schools, libraries, nursing homes and hospitals. These dogs are specially trained to help the people they serve in the community in a variety of ways. A rigorous training regimen as well as special certification are necessary to prepare a dog to become a therapy dog.  Therapy dogs also differ from service dogs because they do actual volunteer work in the community, whereas service dogs help their handlers with specific tasks so that they can live more independent lives.

A good potential therapy dog possess two things: 1) The obedience skills necessary to pass the therapy dog certification test, and 2) The desire to interact with people. While we can teach any obedience skill, your dog’s desire to interact with people is part of their inherent temperament. A good therapy dog wants to be with people and not only tolerates being petted, but enjoys it!

If your dog enjoys being with people, All Dawgs can help teach your dog the obedience skills needed to pass the therapy dog certification test.

Check out our Therapy Dog Prep program page, or contact All Dawgs at 518-831-9192 for more information about our Therapy Dog Prep program!

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