Pawfice Assistants

These are the friendly faces of the Pawfice Staff who are always around to help you- whether it’s a prong collar fitting, questions about our services, processing your registrations, or anything in between!

Aria Brown- School House Primary Pawfice Assistant

Aria Brown is our School House Primary Pawfice Assistant. As part of her role, Aria will be greeting customers, scheduling private lessons and answering the telephone. Aria’s previous role as a receptionist assisting with clerical work at SOS Auto & Truck Body Repair, where she worked for 9 years, prepared her well for her position at All Dawgs. Aria attended Hudson Valley Community College and has an Associate’s degree in Literary Arts. Aria loves animals and has cared for them all her life. She has two dogs, Kringle and Tutu.




Angeline Riccardi- Weekend Pawfice Assistant

Angeline “Angie” Riccardi is a Pawfice Assistant at All Dawgs on the weekends. In her position, Angeline writes and manages correspondence daily with clients and staff via email, telephone or in person.  She processes class registrations and maintains our client database.  Angeline loves working at All Dawgs  because of the interaction with the clients and the respect the employees have for one another.  Angeline has two dogs, a six-year-old Yorkipoo named Kiwi and an 11-moth old Boston Terrier named Louie.





Andrew Duncan – Dawg House Primary Pawfice Assistant

Andrew Duncan is our Dawg House Primary Pawfice Assistant. Andrew brings a lot of experience working with customers to his new role from his previous position at Mike’s Diner. As a Pawfice Assistant, Andrew will be greeting customers, answering the telephone and invoicing clients for Dawgie Daycare. Andrew has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Sage Colleges. Andrew loves animals, believing that they are a positive force in the Universe, and has one adopted dog named Locutus. He has volunteered with the Saratoga Animal Shelter and is looking forward to helping dogs and their owners in his new position. In his spare time, Andrew loves painting, drawing and cooking.