Instructors & Assistant Instructors

Our Assistant Instructors help give our clients a great experience in our group classes and events! We don’t know what we’d do without them!

Jax Ross

In his role as an Instructor, Jax will be coordinating and teaching group classes while providing personal attention to each client.  Jax is certified in Laboratory Animal Husbandry and loves dogs, believing they bring out the best in people.  Jax is looking forward to growing as a pet owner and instructor for All Dawgs and is excited by the continuous learning opportunities that are offered.  In his spare time, Jax enjoys making digital art, graphic design and video games. He also loves training and spend time with his puppy Freyja.


Tara Charbonneau

Tara Charbonneau is our Assistant Instructor. In her role she helps to make sure classes run smoothly. She will be setting up and breaking down for classes and will help clients receive personal attention in each class.  Prior to joining All Dawgs, Tara also works for Banfield Pet Hospital as a shift lead where she trains new employees, discusses wellness plans with clients and performs light clerical duties.  Tara has experience in agility training and enjoys working with dogs with different needs and behaviors.  Tara owns Otis, a three-year-old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  In her spare time, Tara enjoys painting/drawing, reading and doing agility with Otis.