How to Survive Your Dog’s Adolescence

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You had that perfect puppy…. he thought the world revolved around you. Your biggest problem was teaching him where to do his business…. life was great!

Then, one day, it was like he unlearned everything you ever taught him overnight. He stopped listening, he tested boundaries, he just wanted the dog you thought you had! What happened? In one word – puberty!

Just like humans, dogs must transition from puppyhood to adulthood. That transition, called adolescence, is a tiring time for owners! What is an owner to do?

Earlier this week, we presented a webinar entitled just that – “How to Survive Your Dog’s Adolescence” and we discussed when dogs enter and leave adolescence and what signs your dog has entered puberty. We also outlined some things that can assist owners in this turbulent time! Some quick points included:

  • Be your dog’s leader – dogs need to know who’s the boss! Gone (thankfully) are the days where owners thought they needed to alpha roll their dog to show dominance. There are several non-threatening ways to communicate that leadership today such as control resources such as food, couches and bed.
  • Supervise, Supervise, Supervise — and when you cannot supervise, place the dog in a crate so they cannot be wrong
  • Exercise — the saying that a tired puppy is a good puppy also applies to dogs in adolescence!

More information is available in the recorded version of the webinar — which will be in our online store early next week!

How did you survive your dog’s adolescence?

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