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April SPECIAL Dawgie Days:

Get 2 Free Dawgie Day Care Days when you sign up!

Your 2 free days will show up as a credit on your first month’s invoice.

Does your dog just sit around the house all day while you’re at work, bored to the bone? Bring ’em to daycare!

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All Packages Include:

  • Maximum ratio dog-to-instructor of 10:1 – the LOWEST in the Capital District!
  • A safe, comfy indoor environment and enclosed outdoor potty area that strengthens good housetraining.  Studies show that dogs who are not given quiet time in a crate are at higher risk for altercations when they become overly tired so dogs get plenty of play time as well as crate rest during their day.
  • Classical music that plays throughout the day
  • Access to a wading pool, with owner’s permission, during warm weather.
  • Good manners training that includes waiting patiently at the door, greeting without jumping, and getting along well with other dogs
  • Minimum weekly commitment required, allowing dogs to make friends and play with the same packmates each week. Invoices are sent in four-week increments to ensure pack safety and stability

Puppies in Daycare

We LOVE having puppies in daycare! Benefits of enrolling a puppy into daycare include:

  • Socialization: Dawgie Daycare can help socialize your puppy and teach them appropriate play behavior. Socialization before five months of age is the most critical aspect for a young dog!
  • Exercise: Dawgie Daycare can help your puppy burn the excessive energy young dogs have in a safe and constructive way. The exercise helps them feel and act better — a tired dog is a good dog!
  • Engagement: Dawgie Daycare for your puppy will keep them from feeling lonely and will provide relief from boredom while you are working. Even in your are working from home during COVID-19, your puppy needs engagement, play and distraction throughout the day that you may not be able to provide. Bringing your puppy to Dawgie Daycare may also help prevent separation anxiety symptoms when you return to the office!
  • Expert Supervised Playtime: Our experienced Dawgie Daycare staff will ensure happy and safe play between dogs

Pack Information:

  • Dogs up to 35 pounds play in our Small Dawg Daycare  (available on Monday-Friday).
  • Dogs between 35-80 pounds play in our Big Dawg Daycare (available Monday-Friday).  
  • Puppies should be enrolled  in the pack size listed below they will be as an adult. Please note, for safety and appropriate interactions, puppies will start in the group that most closely matches their size and play style and we’ll move them as they grow, if necessary.

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