Services Overview

If you’re looking for the best services for your dog or dogs in the Capital Region, look no further than All Dawgs. Not only do we offer everything your best friend needs, you’ll also love our experienced, qualified, friendly staff.

At All Dawgs, we believe that a happy, well-adjusted dog makes for a happy family. With a focus on teaching your dog everything he or she needs to know for the very best quality of life, we also believe your dog needs a good dose of fun, lots of socialization and advanced, nurturing, caring treatment to bring out the very best he or she can be.

No matter what your dog needs, you’ll find it at All Dawgs. Our comprehensive services include:

>Dawg Training Classes (both foundational and advanced):

>Private Dawg Training, including:

>Dawgie Daycare

>Dawg Boarding School

>Service Dawg Training

>Dog Trainer Apprenticeship Program

>Building & Ring Rentals

>Group Lectures, Workshops & Presentations

For more information, or to tour our facility and meet us, please call All Dawgs at (518) 831-9192. All Dawgs is located at 30 Railroad Avenue, Albany, New York 12205, and we are THE SPOT for all things dog related in the Capital Region!